Myth & Rebirth

by Bathylite

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I. Mountaineater Saga
.The Tower

II. Bathylite Saga
.Theme of the Bathylite
.Astral Light

III. Megatherium Sega
.Mare Cognatum
.Orange Season

IV. Corner Garden


I. Rebirth
.An End of Myths & Legends
.Beneath a Frozen Sky
....&When the Sky Was Opened
.Into Gevurah
.A Million Points of Light


Myth & Rebirth is a project nearly 4 years in the making, starting October 2012 and finally completed March 2016. Writing these tunes has been a very personal, and at times stressful experience for everyone involved. After numerous demoes and EPs we went into the studio to record what would be the current versions of these songs in early 2015, only months after recruiting our current drummer Ian Frazier, for whom one can imagine these songs were still very fresh.

All of these songs were tracked in our own studio, across nearly 6 months. Of note, it only took Ian 2 days to record all of his drums for the whole album, Joe and Cliff both blew out speakers, we ripped through more than 20 packs of strings, and Xander nearly killed everyone multiple times (Gary is dangerous). Mixing and mastering were completed in the following months, again all within the band. Art was provided by the lovely Taylor Webber and Caren Holpuch, both of which captured the band's sonic space very well within their respective visual styles.

A few cool notes:
This album contains over 2,400 measures of music
The vocals were recorded in a library.
There is the sound of a train whistle on the record. Find it.
Hannah Nolen was able to hit an F#7 during the recording of this record. It ruptured a portal to Colorado where we spent the rest of the afternoon.
Over 30 guitar pedals were used while tracking.
Every stringed instrument was played through a different Big Muff
While recording sound effects, we slowed Xander's laugh down and heard a second laugh playing in the resulting track
Gary is very dangerous


released March 18, 2016

Xander Dadum - Bass, Vocals, Noises
Jonathan "Joe" Estill - Guitar, Keyboards, Soundscapes, also Noises
Iannihilator Frazier - Drums, Percussion, Also Noises also
Cliff "The Stump" Fielding - Guitar, Vocals, Production, moar Noises
Hannah Nolen - Vocals on Astral Light, An End Of Myths and Legends, ...& When the Sky Was Opened

Cover Art by Taylor Webber
Liner Art by Caren Holpuch



all rights reserved


Bathylite Fort Worth, Texas

Ambient, Prog-Stoner Metal, Psychedelic, Experimental.

Bathylite has been described as Ocean Metal. The peaceful, calm of clear waters juxtapose the turbulent, violent crashing swells found in a perfect storm.

Based out of Haltom City, Texas, the musical wizards craft and produce their enchanted sounds.
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Track Name: Mountaineater
Ocean of sand, barren expanse
Nothing here to quench my thirst
Not of the body, but deeper inside
Yet this frail being is ready to die

Pointless endeavor, breaking my frame
What is knowledge without life?
Although I try as I might not to asphyxiate,
The breath within evaporates.

Earth, tremble, sand, pulse
What sound is this?

I woke in a forest
Creatures I had never seen
Mists, nourishing, fragrant,
Healing the woes of my body

What is this hulking monster?
Living system?
Giant Mountain Eater.
Stone vessel.
Natures mastodon,
Complete its cycle.
In the living wake of it’s path
Is a desert.

Mountain Walk
Track Name: The Tower
And so I rode the beast which feasts on stone,
To the place I’d dreamt of, where my visions drew me.
To the desert I roamed, lost and parched,
But the Mountaineater carried me here.

I entered through the archway
Breathed with every step
Heard the echoes of time
Passed through the corridors of Heaven.
I saw the gods of ancients
Their idols still stood.
I witnessed the sands of time
Moving in reverse.

Down, down, through timeless stone
Where dust does not dwell.
Deeper down, where the air is old.
Where none have drawn breath for ages.

I looked and there were monsters
Carved of stone. Benevolent and bold,
(They seemed) bigger than the world.
I held no fear As I followed the trail
Of ancient buried wisdom,
Fell into the belly of the mountain.

Down, down, through timeless stone,
Where dust does not dwell.
Deeper down, where air is old.
Where none have drawn breath for ages.
Track Name: Bathylite
Deep colossus, Bathylite
A question, then, why do you fear me?
Scarred, broken back
Wounded, Downtrodden
And left for dead

When the water-wolves smelled your blood
Did they give you rest, or hunt you down?
When the whaler left you to drown
Was there anyone around?

Out of my grasp, far from control
To tame the beast’s soul, I left you behind
Willful, arrogant, learn to fly!
One day I will hold a trophy so bold,
My story will be told for years to come!

In the wasteland known as morbid sea calls out fo(u)r
lost souls avoid pestilence seeking solace.
It’s as dark as can be in the depths of the deep,
In the belly of the beast at the bottom of the sea.
Track Name: Astral Light
Sleep, Bathylite.
Let the waves wash away accumulated filth and grime.
Oh, Bathylite,
Your chords rang true, but then you couldn’t hear the next line.
Now it’s curtain call, sweet beast. Maybe we’ll align in the ether.

Bless the gods of chance for our time.
Would the gods of fate take away birthright?
Rise, astral light!
From the shores to the stars, the heavens proclaim,

Travel space.
Sleep, sweet beast.
Find your place.
The galaxy’s your new sea.

Dweller in the deep, find your place.
Amongst the gas and dust, far away.
The constellations will guide your way.
Reside where you belong: outer space.

From the shores to the stars
Heavens proclaim, “Come back home”

Soaring in heavens astral plain,
What can be in space between space?
See the sky from inside your mind’s eye.
Reality will bend when you upwardly descend.
{Sleep. Dream. Ascend. Bathylite.
Sleep. Dream. Ascend. Astral light!}

You’ve traveled space.
Now sleep sweet beast.
Stake your claim
In the galactic sea!

Collapse into the sea of stars.
Let the vacuum pull far away from the place
You have grown so, so comfortable.
Towards the fringe. Past what’s known.
(Past what’s known).
Track Name: Mare Cognatum
Just listen to the damn track and you'll see, excuse me, HEAR that there are no lyrics. Like, not even a single word. You really should be paying more attention to the music, Chris.
Track Name: Megatherium
The seed begins to form
A brand new life
Beast by name alone
Welcome to life, Megatherium
Eyes, to see the world
Live to climb the skies
Welcome to life, Megatherium

There’s so much to learn
About the garden
Here, where we were born
Keys to our fate in-hand
Teacher, Keeper
One in the same
The kiss of life
From the mouth of death

What does the world mean to you?

Roots/ travel deep.
Change/ from dirt to leaf.
(wait 2 measures)
We’ve/ come to know.
How many stones/ build a home
We, too, have grown

Together, and now it’s time to go.
Where the restless roam
Golem of stone
Tend to The Grove
What does it mean?
What does it mean to truly live?

What does the word mean to you?
Track Name: Orange Season
Tens of thousands of years have passed
Between the planting of these trees
Let’s see now if this memory serves me
The druids came, tilled the earth
Grew the forest which you see
Here is the birthplace
of Dryads, Nymphs, and stranger things.
A sacred Grove, of life and death
Supernatural congress
Then the Iron Wizards came,
Set to blaze the forest
Twas the season of Orange Skies
Clouding the sun in darkness
Megatherium’s work undone
I must strive to fix this

Protector, made of stone
Garden Golem, tend to The Grove
Rising Smoke Ghosts of Oak
Cloud the Sphere The mask of death is here

I am naught but a siren
We are on the brink of extinction
So I spiral through this planetary puzzle
Return home, your creation burns

Slow you came
But still welcome home
The season is over
All is gone
Fertile for a new home
A new Grove
A new place for mystic things
To live and grow
Track Name: Corner Garden
Spider blossoms growing in a corner garden
A sky of cracked walls, sixty-watt stars shattered.

See how they flourish, in forgotten corners
New life springs even in a land so still.

And in the sea of dust, remnants of us still remain
Spider blossoms growing in a corner garden.

See how they flourish, in forgotten corners
New life springs even in a land so still.