Prelude II

by Bathylite

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Recorded over a couple of days for our friends over at The Texas Metal Show in Houston and for testing out some new equipment.


released January 9, 2017

Xander Dadum - Bass/Vocal
Cliff Fielding - Guitar/Vocal/Synth
Joe Estill - Guitar/Glockenspiel
David Welty - Guitar
Ian Frazier - Drums

Recorded at Bathylite Studios in Cozmic Rehersal



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Bathylite Fort Worth, Texas

Ambient, Prog-Stoner Metal, Psychedelic, Experimental.

Bathylite has been described as Ocean Metal. The peaceful, calm of clear waters juxtapose the turbulent, violent crashing swells found in a perfect storm.

Based out of Haltom City, Texas, the musical wizards craft and produce their enchanted sounds.
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Track Name: The Tower
And so I rode the beast which feasts on stone,
To the place I’d dreamt of, where my visions drew me.
To the desert I roamed, lost and parched,
But the Mountaineater carried me here.

I entered through the archway
Breathed with every step
Heard the echoes of time
Passed through the corridors of Heaven.
I saw the gods of ancients
Their idols still stood.
I witnessed the sands of time
Moving in reverse.

Down, down, through timeless stone
Where dust does not dwell.
Deeper down, where the air is old.
Where none have drawn breath for ages.

I looked and there were monsters
Carved of stone. Benevolent and bold,
(They seemed) bigger than the world.
I held no fear As I followed the trail
Of ancient buried wisdom,
Fell into the belly of the mountain.

Down, down, through timeless stone,
Where dust does not dwell.
Deeper down, where air is old.
Where none have drawn breath for ages.
Track Name: Orange Season
Tens of thousands of years have passed
Between the planting of these trees
Let’s see now if this memory serves me
The druids came, tilled the earth
Grew the forest which you see
Here is the birthplace
of Dryads, Nymphs, and stranger things.
A sacred Grove, of life and death
Supernatural congress
Then the Iron Wizards came,
Set to blaze the forest
Twas the season of Orange Skies
Clouding the sun in darkness
Megatherium’s work undone
I must strive to fix this

Protector, made of stone
Garden Golem, tend to The Grove
Rising Smoke Ghosts of Oak
Cloud the Sphere The mask of death is here

I am naught but a siren
We are on the brink of extinction
So I spiral through this planetary puzzle
Return home, your creation burns

Slow you came
But still welcome home
The season is over
All is gone
Fertile for a new home
A new Grove
A new place for mystic things
To live and grow
Track Name: Corner Garden
Spider blossoms growing in a corner garden
A sky of cracked walls, sixty-watt stars shattered.

See how they flourish, in forgotten corners
New life springs even in a land so still.

And in the sea of dust, remnants of us still remain
Spider blossoms growing in a corner garden.

See how they flourish, in forgotten corners
New life springs even in a land so still.